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SQA Engineer

Evolv Technology

Evolv Technology

This job is no longer accepting applications

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Software Engineering
Waltham, MA, USA
Posted on Thursday, February 1, 2024

Job Title: Senior SQA Engineer

The Elevator Pitch

Are you a Senior SQA engineer who thrives in a dynamic, fast-paced environment, testing hardware and software? Do you want to help test and validate new hardware and software for the Evolv Express and support the growth of Evolv with new products?

Evolv is looking for a Senior SQA Engineer to develop test plans, test new and existing features and validate software and hardware for the physical Evolv products. This is a critical role for both supporting the existing fleet of hardware in the field as well as qualifying new hardware, features and functions for the Express platform as well as supporting Evolv’s new products.

Success in the Role: What are performance outcomes over the first 6-12 months you will work toward completing?

In the first 30 days, you will:

· Learn how the Express platform works top-to-bottom.

· Perform manual testing, running regression tests and developing new feature tests for the Express platform.

· Learn the SQA and development tooling for running automation, CI/CD and SDLC processes.

· Become familiar with and actively use the SQA tools, including Jira for defect tracking, and TestRail for test case management and reporting.

· Debug failing test cases, file defect tickets, and work with developers and other SQA engineers to assess and communicate defects and risks.

Within 3 months, you will:

· Become a go-to engineer for manual testing and functional areas for the Express platform.

· Work with automation engineers to contribute to the automation roadmap.

· Propose process improvements, tools, etc to improve the SQA process and product quality.

· Perform release-readiness testing and reporting for Express releases.

By the end of the first year, you will:

· Become a subject-matter-expert for functional areas of the Express platform.

· Be seen as a deep technical resource for evaluating the impact of changes to the Express platform and provide critical input to new feature development and design from the SQA perspective.

The Work: What type of work will you be doing? What assignments, requirements, or skills will you be performing on a regular basis?

Technical Expertise:

· Hardware and Software Integration:

o Proficiency in qualifying hardware products, especially those consisting of microcontrollers and embedded systems. Familiarity with multi-microcontroller architecture, sensor peripherals, and distributed RTOS ecosystems. Skilled in hands-on testing of the physical Express platform, including various tablet types, system configurations, and physical objects, ensuring robust integration and functionality.

· Manual Testing: Extensive experience in manual testing, focusing on:

o Physical System Testing: Methodical testing of the physical aspects of the Express platform to ensure all components interact seamlessly under various configurations.

o Feature and Function Testing: Detailed examination of features, functions, and overall user experience of the Express platform, ensuring each element performs to specifications and meets user expectations.

o System Integration Testing: Testing the interaction and efficient management of the Express scanner with the online Portal, ensuring smooth operation and integration.

· Automated Testing:

o Proficiency in writing and executing detailed automated test plans covering functional, integration, performance, and negative tests. Ability to validate individual hardware components as well as simulations.

· Networking and Protocols:

o Solid understanding of serial and wireless communication protocols, network routing, IP tables, IPv4, DNS, OSI networking protocols, and security protocols like VPN/TLS. Experience with tools like Wireshark for protocol analysis.

· Programming and Scripting:

o Coding skills, particularly in interpreted languages like Python, for writing and managing automated tests, manual test scripts, and for general scripting purposes.

o Software Development Methodologies:
Profound knowledge of Agile methodologies (Scrum and Kanban) and experience in Release Engineering, DevOps, or Software Automation. Understanding of software release models and the ability to drive efficiencies in the process.

Process Management:

· Release Coordination: Leadership in coordinating the software release process, ensuring the timeline and quality gating of delivery to production. Ability to track implementation and validation for releases.

· Quality Assurance Lifecycle Management: Demonstrated experience managing the QA lifecycle, with a focus on continuous improvement. Ability to track, assess, and report product quality and coverage using tools like TestRail.

· Defect Tracking and Troubleshooting: Strong grasp of release management and defect tracking processes. Competence in conducting bug reviews, troubleshooting, and isolating root causes of observed and reported defects.

· Collaboration and Communication:

· Cross-functional Teamwork: Ability to collaborate effectively with cross-functional teams, including developers, product management, and business users. Contribution to the development of automation frameworks, release processes, and change management strategies.

· Communication Skills: Excellent written and verbal communication skills, vital for managing data-driven automated tests, proposing process improvements, and providing feedback on training material and documentation.

Personal Attributes:

· Analytical and Problem-Solving Abilities: Methodical, detail-oriented, and well-organized approach to work, with a strong analytical mindset and excellent problem-solving skills.

· Adaptability and Learning: Eagerness to learn new technologies and quickly adapt to change. Capability to ramp up on new technologies, applications, and testing standards swiftly.

· Time Management and Multi-tasking: Demonstrated experience in managing multiple priorities and tasks in a dynamic work environment, excelling in time management.

· Passion for Quality: A strong passion for quality and a service-oriented mindset, aiming to champion the customer experience and relentlessly pursue product improvement.

· In addition, familiarity with CI/CD, Git and GitHub, Ethernet and Wi-Fi networking, and a solid educational background in Computer Science, Systems Engineering, or a related field will be advantageous for this role.

What is the leadership like for this role? What is the structure and culture of the team?

You will be joining an experienced team of SQA Engineers (Principal, Senior, Staff members) focusing on manual and automation qualification efforts, and the position reports to the Senior Director of SQA.

The team culture is one based on building trust, collaboration, and on-going development through kindness, authenticity, courage, drive, and fun!

Where is the role located?

This role is based out of the HQ in Waltham, Massachusetts.

What is the salary range?

The base salary range for this full-time position is $110,000 - $130,000 + bonus+ equity + benefits. Our salary ranges are determined by role, level, and location. The range displayed on each job posting reflects the minimum and maximum target for new hire salaries for the position across all US locations. Within the range, individual pay is determined by work location and additional factors, including job-related skills, experience, and relevant education or training. Your recruiter can share more about the specific salary range for your preferred location during the hiring process.

Please note that the compensation details listed in role posting reflect the base salary only, and do not include commission, equity, or benefits.

This job is no longer accepting applications

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